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Internet Marketing Guide to Help You Make Money (part 2)
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Offer an affiliate program for products or services you offer:
If you offer a product or service and are willing to pay a commission for each sale or a fee for each new member generated, this may be a great internet marketing tool for you to use. Many sites are looking for great products that compliment their websites that enable them to make money.

There are several ways to take advantage of this from software you can buy to manage your own affiliate leads, to companies that offer a full service affiliate management system for a percentage of the sales, to free affiliate management services.

Some of the services even process credit card payments for you so that you don't need to have a merchant account.

Coming soon: A detailed article on setting up affiliate programs to market your products online.

Directory listings:
Having your site listed in search engines and directories is almost as old as the internet and is one of the internet marketing methods you will be most familiar with.

Besides some of the obvious major search engines there are hundreds of directories that you can list your site or product in. Some, like DMOZ are extensive but only offer a short listing under a focused category while other directories enable you to put a full page description but are more narrowly focused.

Some of the directories are free while some of the focused directories may charge a fee. Each directory listing you have enables you to gain new customers from internet searches so that your business will make more money.

You should consider both types of directories for your internet marketing needs. The more extensive listings have a chance of coming up in search engine results and bringing in additional traffic to your website.

Coming soon: A detailed article and tips to submitting your listing to directories.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Designing your website to rank highly in organic search results is one of the best and most productive internet marketing methods.

It is probably the least understood method because search engines do not want to disclose details of how to come up at the top of the search results.

As a result, most articles you will find on the topic are usually written by search engine optimization experts who can successfully get their sites listed at the top of the search engine rankings. Some of these companies offer information for free while others charge for it. SEO is the most cost effective way for your business to make money.

We are one of those companies that are good at search engine optimization and we will be writing many articles on this topic. In fact, we have sites that come up as the first search result against up to 12 million competing sites for some of the most valuable search phrases.

But be forewarned. It takes time and patients to pursue this internet marketing method. You will make many mistakes along the way and should eventually see results if you are persistent and review what you have done wrong and make corrections.

More Detailed Articles:
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Link exchanges (or one way links to your website)
Exchanging links with other related websites is a great internet marketing method. Besides bringing in focused traffic from those links, it helps your sites Page rank (PR).

In other words, the more quality sites that have a link to yours, the higher your site will come up in the search engine rankings (I.E. higher organic search results because of search engine optimization ). The higher you come up in the search engine rankings the more money your business will make.

Likewise, a link from your site to another helps them also rank higher in the search engine rankings and will drive visitors to their site that click on the links you provide to these other sites.

It's a mutually beneficial internet marketing method.

Coming soon: A tips article for exchanging links with other websites.

Internet Marketing Guide (part 3)

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