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Search Engine Optimization SEO Can Help Your Business Succeed

Part 2.

... keyword rich relevant content without paying the cost of advertising to drive those new customers to your website. You will soon learn how to master this effective internet search engine marketing method.

You may have read that you need to create doorway pages that are optimized for each search engine. That is absolutely false, and I would highly recommend that you don't even try it. It could get you banned from the major search engines. Search engines want pages that are meant for visitors not for them to see. They can detect these pages and may automatically blacklist your site or even make sure that your site does not come up in the search engine rankings.

Here is what you may not have read: If you do a great job with Search Engine Optimization you will rank highly at all major search engines for your most important keyword phrase. How do we know? Because we have many sites that rank in the top results across every major search engine for the same phrase. We have found that there is no comparison to this Internet marketing method known as optimizing for organic search results.

Now the great part about this is, that it is extremely easy to do. You don't need a high paid SEO consultant. In fact, if you see someone that claims to be an SEO expert, ask them what keyword phrase related to their industry do they rank highly for and type them in at the major search engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN) and see how they come up.

When you perform your searches look to see how many other sites match those search engine results for those phrases. It will usually say something like "site 1 - 10 of 1,000,000 results". If the number of matches are in the millions you have found a great company and may want to consider using them to get you started. The number of sites that match the organic search results will show you how much competition there is for those particular keyword phrases for search engine marketing.

But be prepared to spend thousands of dollars to have an SEO expert help you with this Internet marketing method. Anyone that really knows what they are doing are worth their weight in gold.

But also keep in mind that it's an investment that will pay it's self off and make money for your business or home based business for years to come as it continues to bring new customers to your website. That is why it is so important to spend the time to master this internet marketing method.

If you have a business website you may want to hire an expert to do the search engine optimization for you at first so that you can see a quick return on investment. You will also need to plan to make sure that new content you add is also designed to pull in new customers. This will help you build your business.

The conclusion: When you add content to your site you have two main goals:
1) Make sure that content is valuable in some way to your visitors (or customers)
2) Make sure that content is valuable to search engines (organic search) to help you in your search engine rankings and to help bring in new customers by ranking in the top of the search engine results.

We will be creating a business services section shortly and hope to add a section of search engine optimization experts and consultants. If you are a SEO expert or consultant, please contact us.

So when is it valuable to take the time to learn search engine optimization?

The answer can be as varied as the number of sites out there but here is a rough answer....

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) part 3

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